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Richard Harris

UX Researcher | UX Designer | Coach

As a UX researcher, I appreciate the power of active listening and asking the right question using the skills I've honed as a Coach. I love using my wide range of UX research skills to help improve the apps, websites, and other interfaces, that people use everyday. 

As a UX designer, I love using my highly empathic problem-solving skills to research and create designs that will solve the challenges that people face.


In everything I do, I try to ensure all those I collaborate with have some fun along the way. 

My Work

I work with many very big name clients who greatly value the skills, expertise,  and insights I provide to them,
however, due to professional confidentiality, I am not able to share details of my work with them. 

However, here are a couple of examples of work from my initial training with General Assembly...


We and AI
Increasing public awareness of the benefits and impacts of AI

Brief: Create a 'Resource Hub', define the user flow for a 'Toolkit of Resources' and create an onboarding path for new volunteers on the not-for-profit's existing mobile-first website.

Project Type: Client

Team: Group of 3

Duration: 3 Weeks

My Role: UX Researcher & UX Designer

Date: October 2020

Love in the time of Covid-19
Enhancing the Hinge online dating app experience

Brief: Add new features to Hinge to enhance the online dating app experience by providing new ways of engaging with potential matches

Project Type: Concept

Team: Group of 5

Duration: 2 Weeks
My Role: UX Researcher & UX Designer

Date: September 2020

Image by Alexander Sinn
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